About Us!

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Our vision is to bring the mouth-to-mouth propaganda about guided local activities between travelers online through self-made videos by the travelers.

Everybody knows how it is: You sit in the bar with a beer from your hostel and you ask a hostel guest what he or she can recommend to do here. He tells you about a great hike, an unforgettable dive or the most exciting boat trip of his life. Often the experience is linked to the tour guide himself, who does an excellent job. Such recommendations are great for your decision as a traveler to choose your activity in the destination. But how can you get more of them?

We would like to bring this kind of recommendation online via self-made travel videos of travelers about their guided tours. A major problem with today's blogs, online travel agents and websites is the mass of information. It is very time consuming to find all information on the internet. We believe that video is an efficient way to solve this problem, as it will tell you within a very short time whether the tour is suitable for you or not.

How does the platform work:

  • 1.) The traveller takes part in a tour and films the trip
  • 2.) you create a travel video in the length of 1-2 min
  • 3.) he traveller creates a listing on www.tellmeyourstory.io and invites the tour operator for confirmation. This purpose is to ensure that this tour exists.